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Offworld shenanigans.

Sometimes, the bar at the end of the universe - of all universes - doesn't give you quite the selection as the myriad of worlds that you can have access to when you are that bar's Barman.

"Are you sure that this is gonna work, Mike?"

Sallie is standing in Mike's suite, staring at the wall in front of them both like it's about to open up and swallow her. Which, in this case --

"Of course it will. And it'd be an easier way to stay subtle than going out the main door, if subtle's what you're still going for."

"You know it is. Your ba's such an awful man to shop for. It'd be nice to get him a little surprise." Been living together. I like shopping for folk is all.

Mike smiles, and draws the door.

Sallie's not precisely sure if Mike sent her to his New York or not, but it's close enough to the one that Sallie has visited that she doesn't look wholly out of place. (She doesn't yell at the fare machines in the subway this time either.) There is a fair amount of time spent in Williams Sonoma, but she does finally admit to herself that that store is more about herself than for Splinter, so she leaves and ends up finding a couple shops in Rockefeller Plaza that could prove fruitful. She even applauds her own forethought at bringing a charmed shopping bag, so she doesn't have to struggle with a million packages walking around the city.

It's time to hit the subway again, not wanting to walk the dozen or so blocks to her next destination, when she notices two men walk into the Cole Haan shoe store before she makes it to the door to leave. She sees the outline of the guns in their waistbands before the security guard does.

Oh gorram.
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Mike's enjoying the relative solitude of his now quiet living room when...he hears it.
The tell-tale sound of someone trying not to be heard.

Splinter is coming.

Slowly Mike looks up and over at the once bare wall which is now has a glowing chalk outline of a door on it.

"....oh crap," he says. A fraction of a second later he springs to his feet and then races around the living room like a chicken with its head chopped off looking for something to cover the door with.

First he considers a ficus, but big enough.
Then he considers a sleepy Stampy on TOP of the ficus, but she's too squirmy once he's woken her from her nap.

When Splinter enters the house Mike is mid-way through attempting to relocate the fridge.

The old man merely stands and waits for his son to notice him.
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It takes Mike a good long while to notice that Splinter is standing there. In fact, had the fridge been on a longer cord he might not have noticed until well after the appliance had been placed in front of the glowing chalk outline.

But as most fridges do not have a long amount of give in the power supply department...

"Master? Hey, you wouldn't happen to have an extension cord up your sleeve would you?"

"And why, my son, would you need such a thing."

" know, redecorating."

"With the refrigerator in the living room. A rather bold choice, decoratively speaking."

"Well yeah...yeah....I mean, I spend more time in here anyways, so why not cut out the middleman and save me some steps."


"Because, you know...step saving."

Splinter raises a single eyebrow.

"In the name of efficiency?"

"And surely it has nothing what so ever to do with the glowing portal drawn on your wall."

"What? OH! Huh! How did that get there."

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"Yes, Sensei?" Mike tries his very best butter wouldn't melt in his mouth smile, but it's clear from Splinter's expression that he's not buying it.

"My son, is there any particular reason why there is a glowing chalk door on your wall?"

"No? No reason. No."

"I see. Is there any particular reason why you are trying to hide a glowing chalk door with the refrigerator?"

"Is that what I was doing?"


"Yes, Sensei."

"You are too old to be playing this particular game."

"But still young at heart!"


"You promise not to get mad?"

"It is a bit late for that."
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Splinter stands there, pinching the bridge of his nose.


"She asked to go, and said she wanted it to be a surprise, so I thought..."

"You thought dabbling in the arcane arts of which you know precious little would be a valuable use of your time, and a safe method of travel for Sallie."

"Well...when you put it like that it sounds like a stupid idea."

Splinter looks to his son, eyes narrowed. It's a look that could cut through solid vibranium if he wished it so.

"Give me the chalk."

Mike, not having a death wish, complies. Chalk in hand, Splinter looks over the writing on the wall, making small corrections here and there where needed. The glow around the door's perimeter shifts to a slightly different hue, and then intensifies.

He slips the chalk into his pocket and without turning to look back at Mike says, "Return the appliance to the kitchen. We shall speak of this when I return, and then never again."

Splinter pushes the door opens and disappears into the howling din of the city beyond.
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The sun is as blinding as the sound of the city streets disorientating. And for a second there Splinter finds himself with an overpowering need to get underground. With his heart racing, he ducks down a nearby ally to get a handle on himself, to push his way through the panic.

That's when the sound of the sirens reaches his ears.
It's not that sirens in and of themselves are foreign to him, he's lived most of his life under New York City, they're a minute-to-minute occurrence. No the problem here is that they're getting closer. And that they're stopping near a shopping center.

A shopping center close to the spot where the door brought him in.

"...ut oh."
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This would be an entirely different tale were it night time, he told himself. If the Sun were down, if it were dark...

No, he's going to need help. Someone far more comfortable with large numbers of people. His first reaction is to go and fetch Michaelangelo, but he knows that both he and Sallie cannot be out of Milliways at the same time.

But, there is another...

Quickly he fumbles for the chalk in his pocket, drawing another door on the brick wall of the alleyway. It's much quieter where he's headed next...
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It's quiet in the backroom of the store, until it's most certainly the opposite of that.
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All goes still, and worst of all quiet.

"Jace? Jace, man..." Lenny starts to pace. "C'mon man, Jace."

Silence from the back room ... until...

The door swings open and a very large, angry looking bald white man comes striding through. He's dressed as though he's just come from some sort of Renaissance festival, and behind him he drags the still form of Jace.

"This belong to you?" His voice is all Bronx, with a slight touch of BBC.
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"No. I already got tagged once today, thanks."
And he has. There's a tear on the sleeve of his shirt where a bullet had grazed his arm. Flesh wound, but it's enough to make him less cordial than he's already got a history of being.

"Lower it, or I'm gonna beat you to death wit' your friend here."

While Raph keeps all eyes trained on himself, Splinter sneaks from the backroom to as close as the shadows will allow him to get to Sallie.
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For a brief moment Splinter's hand is in hers, and then it's replaced by what feels like, but is too light to be, an egg.


Just in case Raph can't diffuse the situation his own way.

"I'm gonna give you until the count of three to drop the gun."

"Or what?" Lenny all but yells, the muzzle of the gun vibrating slightly as the man shakes.

"Or I'm gonna take it from you, and break your wrist while I do it."

"You're bluffing!"


"You. You stay right where you are."


"I'm warning you."

Raph doesn't get to three, though in his defense he never really intended to. He moves far faster than a man his size should be able to. Jase drops to the floor with a sound not unlike an apple hitting a brick wall. Raph darts forward, one hand to block, the other reaches behind his back for the sai slung from his belt.

Lenny's wrist never stood a chance.
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Splinter just sighs at Raphael's antics. While he will fully admit that as diversion tactics go, this was a good one, but at the cost of efficiency. Sloppy. Just sloppy.

"this way," he says quietly, his voice beckoning Sallie into the shadow.

"I did try to warn you," Raph says evenly as he pins the man to the floor and begins an attempt to field strip the gun.
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For a second there Raph doesn't realize they're talking to him, but it's kind of hard to miss that particular shade of blue. The fact that they're all wearing vests that read POLICE in bright white letters is a pretty good tip off too.

He looks up, makes eye-contact with the officer speaking, and then very slowly puts his hands up.

"Okay okay, let's just take it easy."
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"move very slowly," Splinter tells Sallie, in a voice just barely above a whisper. "Do you have everything?"
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Splinter swears under his breath.

"Do you know where it might be?"

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