Nov. 4th, 2014

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Sometimes, the bar at the end of the universe - of all universes - doesn't give you quite the selection as the myriad of worlds that you can have access to when you are that bar's Barman.

"Are you sure that this is gonna work, Mike?"

Sallie is standing in Mike's suite, staring at the wall in front of them both like it's about to open up and swallow her. Which, in this case --

"Of course it will. And it'd be an easier way to stay subtle than going out the main door, if subtle's what you're still going for."

"You know it is. Your ba's such an awful man to shop for. It'd be nice to get him a little surprise." Been living together. I like shopping for folk is all.

Mike smiles, and draws the door.

Sallie's not precisely sure if Mike sent her to his New York or not, but it's close enough to the one that Sallie has visited that she doesn't look wholly out of place. (She doesn't yell at the fare machines in the subway this time either.) There is a fair amount of time spent in Williams Sonoma, but she does finally admit to herself that that store is more about herself than for Splinter, so she leaves and ends up finding a couple shops in Rockefeller Plaza that could prove fruitful. She even applauds her own forethought at bringing a charmed shopping bag, so she doesn't have to struggle with a million packages walking around the city.

It's time to hit the subway again, not wanting to walk the dozen or so blocks to her next destination, when she notices two men walk into the Cole Haan shoe store before she makes it to the door to leave. She sees the outline of the guns in their waistbands before the security guard does.

Oh gorram.


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