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Sallie has officially visited Milliways twice, both by accident.

She's beginning to really get confused by that gorram pantry.

Business with several of her ranch hands - one broke his leg, Sallie has been with him at the clinic in the next town over to make sure he's doing alright - kept her from waving her son. Now that she's back, the first thing she does after dropping her loose shawl across a chair is click on her comm and wave Serenity.

A moment passes, multicolored dots indicating an attempt at connectivity.

"Ma!" Mal picks up, having read the Shadow ID tag on the call. "What's goin'---"

"Malcolm Beauregard Reynolds, why in all that is holy ain't you ever told me about that damned Bar?! My pantry turned into a Bar."

Mal appears lost for any sort of explanation for a considerable amount of time until he starts, "Would you've believed me if I said there was a Bar at the end o' the 'verse?"

"Well. No, I most likely would have told you you spend too much time in the black." Damnit.

Mal knows he's won a point, and grins at Sallie through the commscreen.

"Don't be smirkin' like that - didn't I teach you manners? That friend o' yours, Caspian, now he's got manners. You could take a lesson on him."

"You met Caspian? Ain't seen him for a spell - and yes, former royalty tends to have manners, Ma."

The conversation between mother and son continues for about fifteen minutes or so, about a lot of things; Tequila (and why his name is a liquor), and some of Mal's other friends, until Mal starts, "Did you see Lilly too?"

"Friend from the weddin'? No, I wish I had!" Sallie complains. "I'd love to talk to her again; she was a sweetheart indeed." Anyone that does what Lilly had for her is completely favored in Sallie's book.

"Next time you go, leave a note wi' the bar; she'll get it eventually."

A pause as both settle down.

"You doin' alright there, son?"

"Yes, Ma. And the rest o' the crew's doin' alright, too. I told you 'bout Wash's leg in my last wave, didn't I?"

"Shi a - good to hear."

"Love ya, Ma."

"Love you too, Malcolm." Beat. "See you soon?"

A bright laugh. "See you soon."



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