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Ysa-Sallie, in bar, with the revolver

Sallie normally doesn't hold with firearms. But, Malcolm asked a favor, and she's perfectly able to clean some of the auxiliary weapons Malcolm needs to prep a job.

So cue old lady, fingers dipped in gun oil, staring at gun parts like a ingredients in a recipe.
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Liranan sneezes at the smell of gun oil.

Ysa stops at the sound, gaze turning to --


"Sallie? Is that -- are you planning on riding out to war?"
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Ysalwen does not snort.


"I almost wish Wynne came here, just for this."

Wynne is in her fifties, but in a world like Thedas that's -- pretty up there, so far as ages go.
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"Wynne would make a terrible bad guy."

Sad but true.

Ysalwen frowns slightly, as if checking off who is here often enough to be someone Sallie might run into.

"Maybe a handful? Did you meet Cassandra, by any chance?"
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Well, then.

"Um. By interesting do you mean maroon leather or incredibly muddy rags? Perhaps."
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"Horns? Or -- I suppose hair that looks like horns. I've -- never been sure which it actually is."

Seriously never sure.

"Did she go by Flemeth?"
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"No, she's not very. Um. Flower-like."

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"Did you?"

Ysalwen breathes, expression pleasant and interested.

(It doesn't take as much effort to keep up as it used to.)

"You know, I hadn't known that about her, really. Huh."

A pause.

"She really doesn't have any grandchildren already?"
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"I don't know, really."

Hmm. Deflection seems like a decent plan. Maybe.

"I can't imagine what my own mother might have felt about a grandchild. So."
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"It might, I think? Um."

Ysalwen bites her lip, very briefly.

"Being a Warden doesn't lend itself to children. So. I don't think about it much, myself."
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Ysalwen laughs, very quietly.

"Sometimes that depends on where you live."
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"I certainly appreciate it."

The slight smile Ysalwen is wearing fades, after a moment.

"I -- I don't think so? She's -- well. Complicated is one way to put it? And we -- I'm her daughter's friend, you see? And she and her mother don't. Um. Get on. And so I'm very definitively on one side and Flemeth is very solidly on the other. So it's -- awkward."

And Ysa killed her that one time, but bygones.
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"She likes to make me uncomfortable when she can -- I do hope that's not why she spoke to you. But other than that -- not really? It's -- old news, honestly, and we both have better things to do."

Andraste grant that remains true. Some things a person doesn't want to have to do more than once.

For a given definition of 'has'.
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Ysalwen smiles, only a little wistfully.

"Do any of them find it?"
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Ysalwen grins, sudden and startled.

"Well, then. I'm glad."