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Sallie outside.

It's definitely cold, but the wind has died down enough that Sallie is okay going outside with just her longcoat. She needs to go back to Shadow later this afternoon, but for right now she's taking a walk, remotely fascinated by the person walking with their dog out in the open area near the shooting range.
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White-haired women are all the rage outside today, it appears.

Ysalwen tucks a few flyaway strands back behind her ears, just to keep them out of her eyes.

Liranan, meanwhile -- wait high at the shoulders if he's anything at all -- catches scent of Sallie and turns his head, barking once.

Ysalwen stops and half-turns, smiling as she catches sight of the other woman.

It's like saying 'hello' at a distance, right?
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Ysalwen laughs, light and musical.

Up close there is a dark tattoo around her right eye, and a smaller triangular one on her left cheek.

Her ears are pointed and her eyes are brown.

Her dog is still enormous.

"It's hard to interrupt us out here. Especially when the frisbee is nowhere to be seen."

Liranan perks up at that, as if he is just waiting for the frisbee to appear.

"None of that, you. My arm is hurting from how often I've thrown it today."
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"I like the personal touch. Plus I don't want him to get the idea of chasing after everything that gets thrown by siege weaponry."

She's just saying.

"I'm Ysalwen Surana. Mage and Commander of the Grey in Ferelden. You're far more straightforward about your snooping than some, I can't say I object."

Liranan barks.

"This is Liranan. He's a mabari, and my closest companion."

She reaches up to brush her hand against the tattoo on her cheek.

"Thank you. It's a youthful rebellion that I still stand by, so that's something. Meanwhile, if I can ask -- Barman? Is that a common title here, for those that serve behind Bar while she sleeps?"

No one has yet explained how any of that works.
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"Liranan is a dog, yes. A mabari hound, to be more precise. Have you not seen one like him before?"

She's curious. Many Fereldans are dog people. In the extreme.

"This place is no stranger than many I've been, and far less overtly dangerous, to boot. I can't complain. Did you have a hard time, when you first showed up? It seems like magic isn't common in many of the worlds that lead here."

Then --

"Is the mental connection voluntary, then? Or does it just happen?"

Is that one more thing to randomly worry about?
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"There's a lot to be said for choosing. I've grown to like it a great deal."

She quirks a smile, crooked and a little rueful.

"Ysalwen, please. I don't hear my name enough, these days, back home. And it's only going to get worse."

So it goes, right?

"As for Liranan, he's only dangerous to those that are trying to kill me, and I don't think you count among that number."

Liranan barks cheerfully, tail wagging. Sallie seems nice! Hi!
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"I hate to ask, but what is this ninjas you're talking about?"

Ysalwen has no clue.