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Sallie Abigail Reynolds ([personal profile] realmrsreynolds) wrote2014-09-30 09:14 pm

Sallie-River, at Sallie's apartment.

Sallie still keeps one room of the suite she and Splinter share very much under her thumb - the kitchen. There are little pieces that she never thought she would like here, like Splinter's very specific junk food, but it's still a kitchen that screams "well-used", for all that she's only lived here a short while.

River's expected any minute now, and Sallie's personal mission is to make sure that River (and all the crew, really) never eat anything resembling a chemical process - at least anywhere near her.
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River's head pokes around the doorframe, soon enough.

She probably won't think to knock -- it's not a thing that happens much around Serenity, for one thing -- but if Sallie doesn't notice her she'll come in. And she's wearing boots today, so her steps will even make some noise.
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River's been known to be more formal than a situation strictly calls for herself, on occasion -- not to mention having the kind of Core upbringing that gives one a fair amount of formality to draw upon. Anyway, she doesn't seem bothered. She smiles, small and brief, and like many of River's expressions it makes her look younger for a moment.

"I said."

She slips into the room, letting the door close behind her.

"You're hospitable," she adds, serious and affectionate. "It's a virtue."

In case Sallie wasn't sure!