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Some time later...

Sallie was up earlier than usual this morning, more out of some ague of restlessness rather than actual concern or unease. The kitchens seemed like a good place to spend the morning - she hasn't made bread in a while, and it'll be nice to get her hands in something a little less complicated than her thoughts have been of late.

If you stop by around lunch, there'll be whole grain loafs out of the oven.
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The kitchen door swings open, and a jogging-gear clad Mike backs into the room. He's momentarily blinded by the kitchen lights, which he wasn't expecting to be on.

"Gah! My eyes!"
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He makes a couple additional aghast and grumbly noises as he blindly makes his way towards the refrigerator, and the sports drinks he stores on one of the kitchen's numerous refrigerated shelves.

"There should be a warning. Some donut shops do that, you know. Put a light in the window to let you know that they're baking."
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"I give you money!"

Sort of.
Kind of.
If you squint.

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He twists the cap off his Gatorade bottle and downs a good half of it in one go, finishing the move by wiping his mouth with the back of a hand.

"Well the Lake is still there. And it's still huge. And I still hate running for the sake of running. So...good, I guess."
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"You know what does a body better? Being prepared for a sneak attack from a survivor of the Weapon X school for wayward Mutants."

Seriously Mike, who doesn't fear much, has the fear of X-23 strongly instilled in him.

He moves out of her way by jumping back to sit on one of the counter tops.
The rest of his beverage is dealt with, and his face mopped up with the hem of his shirt.

"Those wouldn't happen to be cinnamon rolls, would they?"

A guy can hope.
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"Only fairly certain?"

Consider that bluff called!

"Dinner rolls huh? What we need is some baked garlic and olive oil, is what we need."

Mike hops down from his perch and rummages in search of such a thing.
It's in his searching that something begins to itch him in the back of his mind.
Something about the appetizer of fresh bread, baked garlic and olive oil...
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A mental image of garlic teeth as Mike imagines them to be appears across the bridge. It...both ridiculous and horrifying all at the same time.

Behind it though, is a grinding thought process milling the connection between the itch and the food he's craving. Slowly something takes shape.
It's a red and white check background. Almost like a table cloth.

"You know, I don't know that I've ever heard it called Garlic Teeth before."

April. Bringing home left overs. From yet another guy she foolishly thought that Mike and his brothers wouldn't torment. HA. Foolish woman. How quickly she forgets about "The Twist."
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Mike offers her his best woobie smile.

"You're so pretty," he says to her as he slides a knife from the nearby butcher block, and begins to press the garlic cloves from their papers.

He'll keep his whole, wrap them in tin foil with a bit of oil, and toss them into the express convection oven.

The Twist. HA! Those were some fun times. All of his brothers working together to be little brother to someone else. Really it was one of the few things that lightened their spirits when Splinter was missing. That's probably the only reason April didn't kill the lot of them as they slept.

He remembers this one night, in particular, where they were waiting up until three AM. It was cold outside, and the sky was cloudless. And the view of Uptown from the roof of April's apartment was amazing. Could see the whole city...

The whole.

The image flashes from color to black and white. A memory, but not his.

Of her and Splinter in New York.

He's not even looking at her, but his head tilts in that questioning way anyhow.
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He doesn't respond, because he's too busy thinking.
Mike opens his mouth to speak, but at the last second closes it to reconsider his words.

"You were thinking of New York." He waves his hand, as if to erase what he's said in lieu of a different starting point. "The other day. When we were talking. It was you and Splinter in New York."
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"But...New York."

He repeats it because he doesn't quite yet understand.
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Well it's clear....that he hadn't considered that.

"You'd really leave Shadow?"
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"Splinter's people."

If Mike didn't already love her and think the world of her, he would so just for that alone. As it stands, he can't help himself but crossing the room, and gathering her up in a hug.
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"Oh I'm not," he says not letting her out of the hug just yet. "But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate it every time just the same."
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"Eventually," he says with a happy sigh, as he rests chin upon her shoulder.