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OOM: Sallie and Sam.

Sallie has a kind of alert system in place, Bar in her head and all, when folk walk through the Door that she needs or would want to see. If it's a need, the image that comes to the fore is more immediate - that time Malcolm decided to get himself shot literally in the foot for example. All tinged in red and throbbing like.

If it's a want, it's softer - warm lights from the bar tinting Sam Winchester's cheeks foreign colors as he walks in.

"Been forever!" Sallie chirps to herself, untying the apron strings at her back and leaving her suite for the main bar.
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He's just getting up for another cup of coffee when he spots her.

The expression that crosses his face is complicated - surprise, pleasure, and ... sorrow?

"Hey, Sallie. It's good to see you."
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"Yeah," he says, without hesitation.

Sam smiles at her.

"Yeah, I'm sure."
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"It sure has."

There's a sense of fervency in the simple statement.

"I've been -- um, more coffee? Maybe?"
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He reaches for the black coffee without hesitation.

"Hazelnuts? Yeah, they're pretty good. I think they get used to flavor chocolate a lot."

If it's sold in a gas station or convenience store, it's a fair bet the Winchester boys will be familiar with it, and single-serve Nutella with cookies is ... well, it's something.

"Um, are you and, uh, Splinter doing okay?"
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It's almost as though he didn't hear her question. Sam's staring at her in surprise.

"Permanently? Don't you -- I mean, do you visit the ranch, or -- ?"
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Very quietly.

"I'm -- I'm glad you're happy, Sallie. I really am."
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He startles, a little, but doesn't move, letting her lean on him as long as she wants.

"I'm okay, Sallie."

Not happy, no... but things could be worse. They could be a lot worse.

(Maybe they will be. But right now he's back with Dean, and that's a hell of a lot more than he deserves.)

"It's just ... there's a lot that's happened, since we saw you last."
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"No, it's -- I mean, you should probably know."

He takes a careful breath.

"Um, I don't know how much you know about what we were facing there, for a while, but basically ... there was this demon. Lilith. She was, um... trying to open a gate to hell."
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"I killed Lilith, if that's what you mean. So yeah, I stopped what she was doing. For what that's worth."

It's clear Sam doesn't think it's worth much. He says it flatly, with clear self-loathing.

"I thought I was helping to save the world. Except it turns out I got played. And I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker."