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Sallie Abigail Reynolds ([personal profile] realmrsreynolds) wrote2015-07-22 04:04 pm

Coming back to Milliways.

Sallie comes back from Shadow with a small duffel bag with a few odds and ends from the house. The only visible expression is a heavier exhale than might be average.

There's just one other thing.

Sallie puts her duffel bag down and turns to the Door. Twists the doorknob, opens the door.

It's Serenity. One of the passenger bunks, it looks like.

"Okay. That's enough."

Sallie opens the door to her suite, placing her bag down just inside the door.

"Splinter? I'm back."
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"In the kitchen," comes the call from...well the kitchen.
Splinter, it would seem, is cooking?

This...might be problematic.
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"I was given a field promotion," he says with as much mock sincerity as he can muster.

"The cookies will be done in a few moments."
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The hand-mixer is spotless.
There are no mixing bowls of any sort to be seen.
Also not appearing in this film: the ready-made-cookie-dough-tube-wrapper buried at the bottom of the trash can.

And yet in spite of all that, Splinter still seems to preen under at her praise.

"There is no need to apologize, though I am glad you have returned. Did you find what you went out in search of?"
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"Good good," he says nodding, attention shifting to the stove where the cookies continue to bake. They're awfully distracting, these cookies...they have M&Ms instead of chocolate chips...

But then, something catches his attention.

"Bill of sale?"
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He turns towards her sharply, clearly shocked by what she's just said.

" the ranch?"
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The only frame of reference Splinter has for this level of ownership is April and her father's Secondhand Shop. It was her home. It was where she was raised. It was where her father lived before the stroke.

Ultimately, it was her involvement with Splinter's Family that burned that home to the ground, leaving April with nothing.

And now Sallie has, she has...she's chosen to leave her home. Where she raised her son. Where she lived quite happily until...her involvement with Splinter's Family.

" not know."
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He takes a half-step backwards, to lean his hip against the nearby cabinet.

"Oh? Out of fear that I would talk you out of it?"