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Sallie Abigail Reynolds ([personal profile] realmrsreynolds) wrote2015-07-22 02:58 pm

On Shadow.

To be opened by:
Peter Skouris
c/o Reynolds Ranch, Jefferson District, Shadow


Enclosed is your new title and deed to the land parcel originally attributed to Beauregard Reynolds, lot #967-15a. Sale initiated by Sallie Abigail Reynolds, accepted and filed on this date 22 July.

Congratulations on your new purchase! Please be advised that as recordation fees have already been paid, your next due date will be on 1 December.


Daniel Desmond
District Clerk/Notary Public

Attached Letter:


I know that you'd never agree to actually own this place, so I maybe went ahead and sold it to you without you really knowing about it. Consider it my last order as your boss.

I'm moved to the city to live with Splinter. It was a decision not taken lightly, given how much I've fought and bled for this place. But you've fought and bled for it too, more so than most. I love this place; I cannot see it go back to the district, and my son is not meant for a landed life.

Because I'm myself, I have a couple requests. If Malcolm or his folk need a place to stay, please help them when you can. Ownership papers still exist for River and Simon Tam; if either have need of it, they are reasonable folk and they wouldn't ask if they didn't have need.

Finally: I'm not dead. I will still see you when as can. It's simply that, for once in my life, I am going to look after my heart over my head. I thought you'd approve.

[You are the closest friend I've ever had.] Xiexie.