realmrsreynolds: (wheat)
Sallie Abigail Reynolds ([personal profile] realmrsreynolds) wrote2014-02-04 04:11 pm

Valentine's Day.

Sallie wakes up in the apartment she shares with Splinter on a day that, when she opens her thoughts to Bar herself, festoons her mental faculties with doily-hearts and crèpe paper.

Good morning to you too, dear, Sallie smiles at no one. One hand goes flat on her nightstand and pulls upward to call a cup of coffee - but she rolls over again instead of sitting up to drink it. Splinter's still asleep (she thinks) and so Sallie takes the opportunity to admire the slope of his nose and the rise of cheekbone.

(She'd touch, but Sallie knows that he'd wake up then; that's not nice.)

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