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Sallie's been having a really good couple of months. Things with Splinter are generally lovely on all counts, and all is pretty good.

Except for these past couple of weeks.

And then there was

He can feel them burning.

something awful disconcerting.

never again. never again.

And then


"Mike?" Sallie calls out in her apartment. "Mike? Gorramit. Mike?"
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It's a good long while before she feels anything.
The day passes, and still nothing. It's the purposeful kind of nothing.

It's not until after night fall that there's any sign of him.
That's when she'll find him. In her bedroom, curled into a ball in the corner, with every possible light in the room turned on.
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The muscles of his right arm go tense, and there's a very strong chance that there's a knife to be found in that hand.

"bad day"
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"just don't turn off the lights. keep the lights on."

Seems the ninja has some how developed a fear of the dark.
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"i like having my back to the wall. better defensive position."

He takes a breath, allowing his eyes to fall closed for a second or two. So tired. He looks so tired.

"what're you reading?"
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"he writes good stuff. april had like...all his books."

Mike brings his hand up, the one with the punch dagger in it, and uses the back of his hand to wipe at his forehead.

"i just want to sleep."
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He's quiet for what feels to him to be a good long while. The dagger clatters as he lets it fall to the floor. With his hands now empty, he runs them through his hair.

"i keep thinking about the box. dreaming about the box."
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He just nods, but doesn't move until she's removed the knife from his reach.

"could I?"
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She gets a smile for her attempt to lighten the situation. Not a big one, mind you,'s a start.

As for the question, why that's answered by him slowly unfolding from his ball and making his way to his feet.
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Mike nods, and manages a very quiet, "'kay," before padding over towards the bed and sitting down.

He sits down on the side furthest from the door, but in such a way that allows him to keep his eye on it. As if he's expecting something to burst through it at any second.

Which he kind of is.

It'll be shapeless, save for the eyes.
And it will hunt him until he can run no further.

Just like last time.
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He looks to her, but keeps the door in his periphery.

"because i don't have anything to say?"

Mike knows what she means, but avoidance is key.
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In truth, he was half expect his father to be here already, but doesn't say as much.

"no real need to increase the level of shame and humiliation level higher than it already is, is there?"
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"all my training says otherwise."

Mike runs his hands through his hair.

"i'm supposed to be the thing people run from. theory."
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"What? No! No of course not."
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"Maybe," he sighs and rubs his eyes with the heels of his hands. "Argh, I just want my brain to quiet down."
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He winces when her thoughts reach him. His own mental shields are strong, but he is very tired.

"no you wouldn't," he whispers, his jaw clenching.

But things start to trickle through anyway.
Security paperwork.
Training with X.
The night terrors.

The voices it used in the box. Voices stolen from people he loves. Voices that tell him how much they despise him.

And then...everything breaks, and things get very loud indeed. But through it all, if one pulls back, there's a pattern. And it looks just like the symbol newly formed on Bar's top.
A crossed out circle.
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Mike rolls onto his side, curling up once again in the fetal position. His hands clutch at his temples.
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She's not wrong, he doesn't. Not in a vocal/mental way. What he does, however, is begin to try to breathe his way through this. His heart still races, and his mind continues to swim, but his breathing goes slow and steady.

He reaches for her hand, and brings it close to his chest.
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There are some panic attacks one can talk their way out of, but this is the sort that one must ride until it passes.

Thanks to Sallie the time passing goes much more swiftly. His grip on her hand doesn't lessen, but most of his other symptoms subside. The volume of thoughts diminishes until it once again grows silent, a sure sign that Mike has once again regained full control.

".....let's not do that again, okay?"
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Mike even somehow manages to laugh at that.

"I suppose you're going to want this back," he says as he releases her hand.
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"thank you, sallie. for being here, and for being glad to help.
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"i dunno," he says shaking his head, but then yawns in spite of himself.
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He scooches over some, but for the most part remains in his curled positon on the bed.
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"i don't think so, it just," he yawns again. "has to pass."

He almost sounds like he's sure that it will, which is kind of new.