realmrsreynolds: (stop and smell the flowers)
Sallie Abigail Reynolds ([personal profile] realmrsreynolds) wrote2012-09-30 07:11 pm

Sallie's birthday.

Today is Sallie's birthday, and she's not overly thrilled with that notion.

She'll live with it, though (like she does every year), and when she gets out of bed she finds that one of the Loompas has started making the birthday present deliveries earlier than usual - there is a potted mini-rosebush sitting on one of her kitchen countertops.

Dinner tomorrow? I know you must have a date tonight.
Happy birthday, Mother. Wo ai ni.


Sallie just laughs, sticking the card into one of the pockets of her robe as she starts to move around and make herself some morning coffee. Not a bad day's start.

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